Kim Possible! Episodes & Other Goodies!

Unless noted, files are MPEGs. File size averages around 225MB for easy downloading, so these are NOT DVD quality but still quite watchable, especially on your personal media player. My episode numbers may not match the official episode numbers, because those official numbers are often contradictory. Also, if an episode is available on US DVD, it won't be uploaded it here (with the exception of "A Very Possible Christmas," because that episode has only been released on a general-compilation Disney Channel DVD). currently offers the German DVD box sets of Season One and Season Two--with English audio available! Hopefully, these will be released in the US eventually soon...

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Kim Possible - Season Four!

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401 "Ill-Suited"

402 "Car Alarm"

403 "Trading Faces"

404 "The Big Job"

405 "Mad Dogs And Aliens"

406 "Fashion Victim"

407 "Grande-Size Me"

408 "Clothes Minded"

409 "The Cupid Effect"

410 "Big Bother"

411 "Odds Man In"

412 "Stop Team Go"

413 "Oh No! Yono!"

414 "Mathter And Fervent"

415 "Clean Slate"

416 "Captain Drakken"

417 "Homecoming Upset"

418 "The Mentor Of Our Discontent"

419 "Chasing Rufus" and "Nursery Crimes"

420 "Larry's Birthday"

SERIES FINALE! 421 "Graduation" Part One

422 "Graduation" Part Two